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Bio Ortoclinic comes in your support with physiotherapy and kinetotherapy procedures settled by the Health Insurance House of Bucharest. You can benefit from our back pain treatments based on the referral ticket from your family doctor or specialist physician and health card.

Physiotherapy procedures available at our clinic:

Low and medium frequency currents – Electrical impulses of various forms, with predominantly excitatory effect at low frequencies and predominantly analgesic and decontracturant at high frequencies. From the low frequency range we use the currents: Diadinamics, Trabert and TENS. Huffschmidt currents are, also, a form of low frequency current therapy that acts on antagonist muscle groups with inhibitory / decreased muscle spasticity effect, respectively with stimulation effect on antagonist muscles, usually hypotones. From the frequency range we use interference currents.

Ultrasounds – High frequency currents that cause deep tissue heating with therapeutic effects: pain reduction, vasodilatation, muscular decontamination, increased tissue elasticity and biotrophic action, being useful in local therapy of spasticity and pain.

Unde scurte– High frequency currents that produce deep tissue heating, having antalgic, vasodilatory and muscle tone on the hypertonic muscles.

Laser therapy – LASER represents the initials for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, meaning Radiation-Emitting Light Emitting Light. Effects of laser therapy: analgesic, miorelaxant, antiinflammatory, trophic, resorbtive, bactericidal, virucidal.

MDF  method of therapy with low frequency magnetic fields, in continuous forms, with sedative, spasmolytic, analgesic and trofotrop effect.

Electrostimulation – involves the application of an electrical current to the skin to cause a muscle contraction that reduces the pain and spasticity of the muscles, thus allowing for a degree of joint mobility and muscle strength. We use various types of low and medium frequency currents.

The kinetotherapy procedures available at our clinic:

Corrective postures – Are positions imposed on the patient and adopted by him, to prevent / correct some defective positions of segments and the consequent limitation of articular mobility. We use positioning pads or positioning orthesis.

Passive Kinetotherapy – The passive mobilization technique performed by the kinetotherapist while the patient voluntarily relaxes his muscles. It is very important for preventing redness or joint ankylosis and for maintaining muscle trophicity.

Passive-active kinetotherapy – Exercises that use proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques, respectively, to relieve or accelerate active muscle contraction. We use general FNP techniques and techniques specific to a particular purpose, as well as methods of neuromotor reeducation, such as the Kabat method.

Assisted Active and Active Kinetotherapy– Consists of individualized exercises performed by the patient, in which the movement can be helped by external forces represented by: gravity, kinetotherapist, orthosis, walking stick or special apparatus.

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BIO ORTOCLINIC is a professional medical team with 10 years of experience in orthopedics and vertebrology and 10,000 success stories in the treatment of back pains. We are specialized in all types of back pains, spinal disc herniation without surgery, but also recovery after any surgery of orthopedics. We have high performance equipment, specialized personnel and quality management at the highest standards.

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Our first concern is to correctly diagnose the causes of your back pain. We look forward to a thorough consultation during which our specialists will consider your full medical history. We will also undergo a complex clinical examination that includes posture analysis, muscular and orthopedic testing, assessment of spine sensitivity, and range of motion in various positions.

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