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Back pains represent the reaction to certain nervous stimuli warning us that some perturbation has occurred at the level of the vertebral spine
Disc hernia is a pathology where a portion of gelatinous mass (pulpous nucleus) moves from the intervertebral fossa, “swelling”…
The discopathy is a general term defining the diseases of intervertebral discs regardless of their cause
Kyphosis reprezinta deviation of the vertebral spine in sagittal plane, by exaggerating the normal curvatures of the spine
The intervertebral disc is the essential element of the entire construction of the vertebral spine. Without it, standing would be impossible
Scoliosis is a lateral deviation in the frontal plane, in a more or less pronounced “s”-shape, of the vertebral spine
Scheuermann’s disease occurs clinically at the age of 8 – 12 years as faulty posture with kyphosis which aggravates and becomes stiff and irreducible during growth
Lombosciatics represents the lumbar pain with brutal start, severely limiting movement and affecting sensitivity in the corresponding dermatome of the affected root
A fracture or a fissure in the arch of one of the vertebrae in the lower lumbar area of the vertebral spine is known as spondylolysis, it may occur abruptly or following a series of shocks and of stresses
The vertebral spine shows frequent degenerative alterations knows as spondylosis or spondylarthrosis
The hemiplegia, respectively the hemiparesis, means the total or partial paralysis of one half (left or right) of the body