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durere_de_spate_discopatie1The discopathy is a general term defining the diseases of intervertebral discs regardless of their cause, but it should be used only with the meaning of degenerative discopathy (structural deterioration of the intervertebral disc).

Causes of discopathy

It is formed of a pulpy nucleus and fibrous ring. In a first stage of discopathy, at the level of the pulpy nucleus, the gelatinous appearance is lost, the concentration of proteoglycans decreases, and the capacity to assimilate water. In these conditions, the pressure exerted on the intervertebral disc is no longer distributed evenly, and in time the pulpy nucleus becomes more fibrous, it event atrophies. At the level of the fibrous ring, the alteration of the fiber structure occurs, as well as the amorphous hyalinization, which makes it more fragile, and it may crack or even break. 

Breaks may be concentric or radiating (in “wheel spokes”), there may be multiple fissures (or only one), most frequently situated posteriorly or posterior-laterally.

The degenerative alteration of the intervertebral disc is favored by physical efforts, by trauma, obesity, statics disorders, sedentariness, and, in time, it may cause the occurrence of disc hernia..

Symptoms of discopathy: pains at the level of the vertebral spine, joined, or not, by sensation of pressure.


Interdictions in Discopathy – maintain a fixed position for long periods of time:

  • Avoid cold;
  • Lifting weights;
  • Physical activities and sports;
  • Losing weight or maintaining weight;
  • Avoid constipation;
  • Avoid flu.