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Kyphosis reprezinta deviation of the vertebral spine in sagittal plane, by exaggerating the normal curvatures of the spine. . It manifests by the excessive curving of the spine in the thoracic region, compensated by a cervical and lumbar hyperlordosis to balance the spine.

The symptomatology varies, and it consists in slight or severe pain at the level of the thoracic spine, muscle stiffness and tension of the dorsal area, movement toward forwards of the head, breathing problems in the severe cases, alteration of shoulder position.

The abrupt growth in height, avoiding regular practice of sports, which strengthens the back muscles, rachitism, Scheuermann’s disease, vicious attitudes for a long time, may cause the occurrence of kyphosis.

If it is not diagnosed and treated in due time, kyphosis will trigger irreversible alterations of the spine, which may be solved only by surgical intervention.

Symptoms of kyphosis::

  • -Light or severe pain;
  • -Sensation of tiredness or fatigue
  • -Muscular stiffness and tension of the dorsal area
  • -Movement toward forwards of the head;
  • -Thoracic pain and breathing difficulties in the severe cases;
  • -Modifications of shoulder position.

Interdictions in kyphosis::

  • Maintain fixed positions for long periods of time;
  • Avoid cold;
  • Lifting weights;
  • Physical and sports activities;
  • Losing weight or maintaining weight;
  • Avoid constipation;
  • Avoid flu.