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The intervertebral disc is the essential element of the entire construction of the vertebral spine. Without it, standing would be impossible. It consists in a gelatinous nucleus, surrounded by an extremely resistant fibrous ring. This resistance allows it to amortize shocks and enormous pressures that it bears. The most fragile point of the disc is the posterior part of the ring, which comes in contact with the posterior common ligament (very well innerved). The nervous roots are localized at this point, which start from the spinal marrow. Under the action of various factors, the pulpy nucleus breaks the fibrous ring and irritates the posterior ligament covered by ultra-sensitive nervous terminations, causing violent pain.


Lumbago is the most painful culmination of this process, culminarea cea mai dureroasa a acestui proces, where the pain is violent and joined by a very strong contraction of the vertebral muscles, followed by an antalgic position of the body, with the trunk slightly bent forwards and sideways.

Also, the lumbago phase may be caused by alteration of the posterior vertebral joints (arthrosis) or even by a vicious attitude of the lumbosacral spine.

Symptoms of Lumbago::

  • limitation of mobility (stiffness);
  • back pain;
  • antalgic position.

Contraindications for Lumbago: (interdictions)

  • Maintain fixed positions for long periods of time;
  • Avoid cold;
  • Lifting weights;
  • Physical and sports activities;
  • Losing weight or maintaining weight;
  • Avoid constipation;
  • Avoid flu.