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Treatment procedures

The consultation is important when entering a clinic. It involves the assignment of a positive diagnostic based on a MRI examination
The three-dimensional decompression (elongation) of vertebrae represents the “high tech” version of traction or elongation.
Vertebral mobilisation, correlated to three-dimensional decompressions of vertebrae, represents the “golden standard” in non-surgical treatment of vertebral column affections
Electrotherapy: method using electricity in order to obtain physiological and therapeutical effects over the human body
Therapeutic massage: it is a therapy procedure using different manual manoeuvres applied on the surface of body with local and general effects
Shock waves are acoustic waves with an extremely high energy peak, like those occurring in the atmosphere
The physical recovery of hemiplegic patient combines the methods and procedures applied, depending on the stage of affection of the patient
The new technology brought to our clinic, a system of restoration of vertebral column
Recovery of shoulder after: Arthroscopic surgeries, Humerus fractures, Luxations, Long term immobilisations, Scapulohumeral periarthrosis.
Injecting platelet rich plasma (PRP = “platelet rich plasma”) is a revolutionary treatment based on a simple idea: that of using the internal resources of each organism for the healing and regeneration of tissues