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The new technology brought to our clinic, a system of restoration of vertebral column representing the peak of the years of clinical experience and collection of scientific data, provides the possibility of positive results to the patient.

David – Restoration and stabilisation of vertebral column

It is thus provided an additional benefit in the support of column besides medical gymnastics, kinetotherapy, swimming and other sports necessary to reinforce the paravertebral muscles.

Pursuant to the initial causal and antialgic treatment performed in our clinic by vertebral decompression, vertebral mobilisation, physiotherapy, we maintain the therapeutic answer on long term using the new concept, of last generation equipment. It is for small, deep, paravertebral muscles, „sticked” to column and used less in daily life, when we use more big muscle groups and big joints. This is the reason for which, on majority of patients exactly the small muscles involved firstly in the stability of column is the most atrophied and undeveloped namely the multifidus „rotative” intertransversal group. The general functional image of the back includes characteristics measurable as sufficient mobility, balanced force, optimum muscle resistance.

All these are evaluated and quantified using the new concept developed in Germany and brought to Romania, including six equipments that recover deep cervical-thorax-lumba paravertebral muscles.

The programs are customised are rely on the history of patient’s disease, current condition, physical capacity of patient.A standard protocol includes validated questionnaires related to age, sex, height, profile of pain, self-evaluation. Based on the clinical examination, we assess the posture, the functional deficiencies and restrictions. The tests relying on devices include force and mobility in all plans of movement whereas the results are registered in a database afterwards being elaborated the profile of vertebral column being thus compared to standard normal values.

The evaluations are performed initially, the evolution and results are supplied by objective reports for physicians as well as to motivate the patients.

The program lasts 6-12 weeks, twice per week, and between the sessions, there is a break of minimum 1 day to recover after the training and maximise the therapeutical benefit.

The maximum force of the body and neck muscles supports and protects the column against the external factors and big forces. The muscle weakness and disbalance of forces are risk factors in degenerative affections of columns.

The force balance between the muscle groups acquired using this concept represents a requisite for a correct posture and a positive factor for the maintenance of the results of our clinic.

The preventive and regular performance of exercises is necessary for a long term maintenance of results. Due to this reason, it is recommended that every patient and every person with different defaults or other risk factors participating to the concept to participate to a prophylactic program organised once per week on long term.