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Electrotherapy: method using electricity in order to obtain physiological and therapeutical effects over the human body.

Low and average frequency currents – electric impulses of different forms, with predominant driver effect on low frequencies and predominantly analgetic and relaxing on high frequencies.

From the field of low frequency, we use the currents: diadynamic, Trabert, TENS

From the field of average frequency, we use the interferential currents.

Ultrasounds – currents of high frequency determining the heating of tissues indepth having as therapeutic effects: reduction of pains, vasodilatation , muscle relaxing, increase of tissue elasticity and biotrophic action, being useful in local therapy of spasticity and pain.

Short waves – currents of high frequency producing the heating of tissue indepth with antalgic effect, of vasodilatation and decrease of muscle tonus on hypertonic muscles.

Laser therapy –LASER are the initials for LIGHT AMPLIFICATION by STIMULATED EMISSION of RADIATION, that is AMPLIFICATION OF LIGHT by STIMULATED EMISSION of RADIATION. Effects of laser therapy: analgetic, miorelaxing, anti-inflammatory, trophic, resorptive, bactericidal, virucidal.

– Spasticity therapy

Huffschmidt currents – form of therapy with currents of low frequency, acting on antagonist muscle groups, with inhibitor effect / decrease of spasticity of some muscles, respectively stimulation effect on antagonist muscles, usually hypotonic.

MDF – therapy method with magnetic fields of low frequency , in continuous forms, with sedative, spasmolytic, analgetic and trophotropic effects.

Electrostimulation: involves the application of an electric current on the skin in order to cause a muscle contraction reducing the pain and spasticity of muscles and allowing thus the maintenance of a degree of an articular mobility and of muscle force. One uses different kinds of currents of low and average frequency.