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How does it work?

Shock waves are acoustic waves with an extremely high energy peak, like those occurring in the atmosphere, after an explosive event, such as lightning or sound boom. A shockwave differs from the pressure ultrasounds with extremely high amplitude, because the ultrasounds usually consist in a periodical oscillation, while a shock wave represents only one impulse.

Extrabody therapy

– the acoustic wave (unlike lithotrity) is not used to disintegrate tissues, but to cause extracellular biological effects which include tissue regeneration.

What are the effects of ShockWave therapy?

The beneficent physiological effects of acoustic wave therapy result in stimulating the neovascularization processes, the production of collagen and the restoration of healing.

They consist in:

  • Tissue regeneration and accelerated cellular growth;
  • Neovascular growth;
  • Reduction of the chronic inflammation;
  • Stimulation of collagen.


– Dispersion of the pain mediator

– Dissolution of the calcified fibroblasts (they destroy the existing calcifications).

– The release of Trigger Points.

The acoustic waves have proven to be an efficient and non-invasive method to treat the localized muscular-skeletal pathology, including: epicondylitis, calcaneal spur and plantar fasciitis, trigger points of the pain, variety of chronic tendinopathies and many other indications.